We Offer Globally Recognized Diploma, Certification & Accredited Online Degree Program

Offering you a distinctive and progressive online course management system for various programs. We have a dominant team of leading professionals and industry experts working with us as our faculty members, delivering the right knowledge needed to assist the optimal transition from your high-school life towards your career. We offer an accredited online degree program that prepares you for a bright future.

Degree ProgramS

Our qualified faculty and corporate mentors have carefully designed courses alligned with the needs and demands of todays dense market place. We deliver a degree program with vast and progressive knowledge based on your chosen discipline.

Associate Degree Program
Bachelors Degree Program
Masters Degree Program
Doctorate Degree Program

Diploma ProgramS

Our diploma programs are tailored to reflect learning of additional and advanced skills which can help you do more in your current job role. It will help you understand different scenerios in your respective fields and be the game changer.


Our diploma programs are tailored to reflect learning of additional and advanced skills which can help you do more in your current job role. It will help you understand different scenerios in your respective fields and be the game changer.

State-Of-The-Art Career Center

Our mission is simple: to provide students and alumni with complete resources and individual counseling tailored to help them reach their ambitious professional goals. We principally work with executives, recruiters, innovational leaders, and alumni nationwide to develop meaningful affiliations that further connections to a vibrant professional network.

Student Support Center

The University has formulated a well-designed Student Support Center, to support the students and solve students' matters and problems. Our energetic student support team is here to accommodate, provide guidance and lead you in the right direction at each turn. We aim that no student who is able of earning a place at our university should be hindered from reaching here by concerns regarding money.

Internationally Accredited Curriculum

Florida Beach University maintains a global standard for its online education system and is acknowledged by institutes and organizations internationally. The university's curriculum is versatile, challenging, motivational, and culturally delicate yet global in approach. We make sure our students acquire a notified curiosity and a constant enthusiasm for learning. They also gain the expected skills they require for progress at university and in future careers as well.

School of Natural Science

Our School of Natural Sciences is accredited by several internationally recognized certification bodies, which allows graduates to find rewarding and exciting jobs around the world. Over the years, the demand for scientists in the fields of physics, human health, environment, biology, and chemistry has increased tremendously. Following the intensive demand for this field, we have outlined our program that meets the international standards and global school education system.

School Of Criminal Justice

The program of our school of criminal justice discovers criminal acts and behavior, concerns of law enforcement, court practices, and management. It also examines the influence of crime on victims, criminals, and the overall public. By studying our criminal justice course students can go into a profession that provides chances to work with the professional law community. Students can acquire exceptional communication and analytical skills they can utilize in their future endeavors.

School of Health Science

The School of Health Sciences at FBU is exploring and implementing innovative ways to strengthen people’s health and securing their lives. Our school education system strives to prepare health professionals to accommodate communities by moderating healthy and quality life. By our diverse specialist programs, we are devoted to the social and environmental determinants of health and sickness and special consideration for the underserved.

School of Political Science & Public Administration

Our School of Political Sciences and Public Administration offers valuable online academic programs that prepare students to serve the public and societies both and internationally. Our courses and programs delve into the leading components of management in public and political organizations, the domain of public policy, and the study of critical issues in public administration today.

School of Occupational Safety & Fire Science

Our School of Occupational Safety and Fire Sciences teaches the methodologies of lessening the outcast effects of fires. It educates students on how to quickly save people affected by fire and how to utilize the safety material and stuff, along with controlling up the consequences of fires and several other disasters and tragedies. It incorporates analysis, testing, production, and employment of relief systems, as well as the study on behavior, and inquiry of fires and other emergencies.

School of Computer Science

At the School of Computer Science, we educate students elevating their skills to score higher in their career paths respectively. Our renowned faculty teaches the students using some unique teaching techniques. We aim to prepare brilliant technology experts.

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Internationally Renowned Accredited University

We are pleased to announce our recognization by the world’s most valued accreditation bodies! It is a flash of pride for us that we are rated as the top degree-awarding institutions! Our success would be a dream without some of the most renowned educational authorities.

Gulf Council Of Academic Evaluation

Gulf Council of Academic Evaluation an independent, membership-based, non-profit organization dedicated to enable all academic institutions in the Gulf countries. It aims to promote effective educational practices in schools, colleges and universities. GulfCAE is an international quality assurance organization, providing services to improve and maintain highest quality standards in all academic institutions established in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

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The OESAUS is a US-based renowned accrediting agency keen to deliver accreditation to academic institutions comprising schools, colleges, and universities established in the United States. Its accreditation assures the educational standards of a college or university program in the academic field. It supports and motivates quality assurance processes in several educational institutions to ensure scholastic brilliance.

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United States Higher Education Department

USHED is an American accreditation verification body for degree-granting post-secondary programs in engineering, health sciences, business management, nursing, criminal justice, law and legal studies, fire sciences, applied arts, social services, performing arts, natural sciences and other disciplines.USHED accreditation provides assurance that a college or university program meets the quality standards established in the industry.

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Teaching under lockdown has gelled into our routine! During this lock-down, we have observed the reincarnation of virtual education!

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News & Updates at Florida Beach University


Instead of playing catch-up with the next new virus, precision medicine aims to let us find it early and deal with it swiftly.

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News & Updates at Florida Beach University

Employers prefer MBA Graduates Because of their ability to think Out-of-the-box

Attaining a degree without a proper vision of what has to be done with it in the future is vague. Before you opt for a degree you should have proper knowledge of its career prospects. You should be confident about your career choice and your degree should help you in attaining and achieving your career goals. Your education path should be a means of accelerating your bright career which awaits ahead of you.

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News & Updates at Florida Beach University


The pandemic wave made everyone adhere to the new normal of social distancing and shift to the online world. It was a new and quite fascinating experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions by the students from all around the globe that are related to admission procedure, degree programs and other queries.

Is Florida Beach University accredited?

Yes, we are accredited from different local and foreign bodies.

Is Florida Beach University comprised of updated curriculum?

Yes, we have carefully constructed updated curriculums designed by our professional teaching faculty keeping in view the demands of market today.

Is Florida Beach affordable for a middle class student?

Absoulutely, we have a stress-free payment plan and also offer various kinds of scholarships.

How many types of scholarships Florida Beach offer?

We offer a wide range of scholarship programs you can visit our scholarship page to have a look at them or connect to our 24/7 student support center.

What is distance learning ?

It is a type of learning that doesn’t require you to be physically present at the university premisis. All your study materials and lectures are uploaded on the student portal. For further assistance contact our student support center.

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