We bring education to your reach through our Scholarships

Florida Beach University has various need-based and merit scholarships. Our scholarships help you give the leverage of about 75% in your tuition fee. We also have customized payment plans for our students so they don’t have to run after the juggle to arrange fees and constantly be under pressure but can do it as per their feasibility and convenience.

Merit-Based Scholarship

We value your academic excellence and in order to keep you going with the same zeal grant you Merit-based scholarships.

Military-Veteran Scholarship

We salute services of our military and veteran’s services and in recognition provide military-veteran scholarship.

Athletics Scholarship

Not everybody is a scholar, some are sportsman FBU appreciates your sportsman spirits and proudly gives athletic scholarships.


In view of the phenomenal contributions our women make to this society and culture we offer them special grants.

The road to your dreams is not always smooth but FBU made it achievable and worth the journey.

Rachel Morio

Florida Beach University CEO at Xion

Lets Hear Out Our Students

Florida Beach University is a diversfied and global institution catering students of all creeds and castes globally. We are one big family and together we make sure we deliver to each other the best of experience.

Jodi Gonzalez

Bachelors In Social Sciences

FBU made my dream to pursue my desire of attaining a higher degree come true.

I completed my bachelors in Social Sciences from here by availing the merit-based scholarship and this was a life changer for me!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions by the students from all around the globe that are related to admission procedure, degree programs and other queries.

Is Florida Beach University accredited?

Yes, we are accredited from different local and foreign bodies.

Is Florida Beach University comprised of updated curriculum?

Yes, we have carefully constructed updated curriculums designed by our professional teaching faculty keeping in view the demands of market today.

Is Florida Beach affordable for a middle class student?

Absoulutely, we have a stress-free payment plan and also offer various kinds of scholarships.

How many types of scholarships Florida Beach offer?

We offer a wide range of scholarship programs you can visit our scholarship page to have a look at them or connect to our 24/7 student support center.

What is distance learning ?

It is a type of learning that doesn’t require you to be physically present at the university premisis. All your study materials and lectures are uploaded on the student portal. For further assistance contact our student support center.