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At Florida Beach University, students have a golden opportunity to discover their strengths and weaknesses! Our programs are statically developed to bestow top-notch education with practical knowledge, which is feasible and cost-effective for our students. With our 16 schools, 70+ majors, over 1000+ undergraduates, graduates, diploma, certificate programs, we encourage the students at every step to pursue the challenges they face in the practical field.

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Florida Beach University is a diversified and global institution catering to students around the globe. We are here to provide the best of knowledge and our faculty members share their experience to help students understand the issues and learn solutions to these problems.

Antonio M. Frank

Bachelors In Business And

Business and Management was a very vast and intresting option. I explored different finance courses that broadned my vision and developed a lot more intrest than I already had in the subject.

The highlight of my entire academic tenure here was the flexibility of the timings I had. I could choose my study hour as per my availability and this made my life a lot easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions by the students from all around the globe that are related to admission procedure, degree programs and other queries.

Is Florida Beach University accredited?

Yes, we are accredited from different local and foreign bodies.

Is Florida Beach University comprised of updated curriculum?

Yes, we have carefully constructed updated curriculums designed by our professional teaching faculty keeping in view the demands of market today.

Is Florida Beach affordable for a middle class student?

Absoulutely, we have a stress-free payment plan and also offer various kinds of scholarships.

How many types of scholarships Florida Beach offer?

We offer a wide range of scholarship programs you can visit our scholarship page to have a look at them or connect to our 24/7 student support center.

What is distance learning ?

It is a type of learning that doesn’t require you to be physically present at the university premisis. All your study materials and lectures are uploaded on the student portal. For further assistance contact our student support center.