Course Offered

You can choose following courses . Each course offers unique learning experience for you. Each course is prepared by highly qualified faculty from around the globe. Course content is updated so to equip the students with most relevant knowledge in the field.

Course CodeCourse NameCredit Hours
P-655Foundations Of Psychology 6 Credits
P-066Fundamentals Of Biological And Cognitive Psychology 6 Credits
P-851Fundamentals Of Physiological Psychology 6 Credits
P-609Introduction To Abnormal Psychology 6 Credits
P-038Introduction To Developmental Psychology 6 Credits
P-835Introduction To Personality Psychology 6 Credits
P-470Introduction To Quantitative Psychology 6 Credits
P-324Introduction To Social Psychology 6 Credits
Course CodeCourse NameCredit Hours
COP-008Counseling Psychology And Children 6 Credits
COP-670Family Therapy 6 Credits
COP-074Introduction To Counseling Psychology 6 Credits
COP-512Introduction To Counseling Theory 6 Credits
COP-218Introduction To Group Counseling 6 Credits
COP-743School Counseling 6 Credits