Course Offered

You can choose following courses . Each course offers unique learning experience for you. Each course is prepared by highly qualified faculty from around the globe. Course content is updated so to equip the students with most relevant knowledge in the field.

Course CodeCourse NameCredit Hours
B-460Art Appreciation 6 Credits
B-200College Algebra 6 Credits
B-158English Composition 6 Credits
AAS-370Ethics 6 Credits
B-825Human Biology 6 Credits
B-057Introduction to the Humanities 6 Credits
AAS-584Pre-Calculus 6 Credits
AAS-085Social and Cultural Geography6 Credits
AAS-902World History 6 Credits
B-336World Religions 6 Credits
Course CodeCourse NameCredit Hours
LLS-034Foundations Of Legal Studies 6 Credits
LLS-642Introduction to laws 6 Credits
LLS-346Introduction To Legal Research 6 Credits
Course CodeCourse NameCredit Hours
LES-630Computers And Law 6 Credits
LES-410Fundamentals Of Commercial Law 6 Credits
LES-167Introduction To Legal Studies 6 Credits