Fire Sciences

At our School of Occupational Safety and Fire Sciences, we teach our students about all the safety hazard and precautionary measure important for them. We teach them about advanced safety methods along with in-depth research.

Majors We Offer To Advance Professional Role

Our professional faculty is devoted to conveying knowledge based on current educational levels. Here, we help students learn, develop and deploy their ideas.

Risk Management & Safety Technology
Safety Science & Engineering
Fire Sciences
Occupational Safety & Health
Process Safety Management

Career Path

Stats tell us where we stand today. It also helps us comprehend how much is the university working towards its mission and all that is required to attain its vision.

Fire Sprinkler Designer

Fire sprinkler designers are responsible for the implementation of these systems in both commercial and residential environments. Design fire protection sprinkler systems with accuracy and detail to enable field installation with few design errors.

Safety managers

Conducts safety meetings, audits, and inspections to ensure compliance, evaluate performance, identify corrective action, and implement follow up assessments. Plans, implements, and conducts preventative care, safety, and compliance training programs


To respond to fire alarms, medical emergencies, hazardous materials, urban rescue and other calls to protect life and property; to participate in fire prevention and training; and to maintain the fire station and firefighting equipment.

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