Our professional faculty at the School of Engineering prepares the students to strive firmly in their professional grounds. Our curriculum is prepared to increase the compatibility of the students, making them stronger enough to stand out from the crowd.

Majors We Offer To Advance Professional Role

Our professional faculty is devoted to conveying knowledge based on modern educational levels. Here, we help students learn, develop and deploy their ideas.

Aeronautical Engineering / Airoplane Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Irrigation Engineering
Marine Engineering
Mechatronics Engineering
Oil & Gas Engineering (Research Based)
Petroleum Engineering
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
Automation Engineering
Automobile Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil & Structural Design Engineering
Process Engineering
Quantity Surveying
Telecommunication Engineering
Corrosion Control Engineering
Electronics Engineering
Engineering Management
Highway & Road Engineering
Industrial Engineering

Career Path

Stats tell us where we stand today. It also helps us comprehend how much is the university working towards its mission and all that is required to attain its vision.

Drafting and Design Engineer

Drafting and design engineers prepare mechanical or digital drawings, diagrams or blueprints and/or models of various products or structures to guide product makers, architects or construction personnel in the manufacture, implementation or building process

Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers design, develop, and test electrical devices and equipment, including communications systems, power generators, motors and navigation systems, and electrical systems for automobiles and aircraft.

Environmental Engineer

Environmental engineers typically do the following: Prepare, review, and update environmental investigation reports. Design projects that lead to environmental protection, such as water reclamation facilities or air pollution control systems.

United States Higher Education Department

I studied in Florida Beach University, this helped me gain an internationally recognized and compatible degree. This degree not just helped me gain prosperity in my career field but also made me a part of global network comprising of top-notch industry specialist, professors and intellectual mindset of students.

Marian J. Staten