Computer Science

At The School Of Computer Science, we aim to provide updated knowledge to our students so that they can become competent professionals who can play an important role in their relevant field by brainstorming new and productive ideas. We provide comprehensive educational and training programsas well.

Majors We Offer To Advance Professional Role

Our professional faculty is devoted to conveying knowledge based on modern educational levels. Here, we help students learn, develop and deploy their ideas.

Digital Transformation/Digital Payment Solutions
Telecommunication Systems & Technology
Wireless Communication
Computer Science
Information Technology
Advanced Web Development
Computer Engineering
Computer Forensics
Graphic Design
Project Management of Information Technology
Security Risk & Crisis Management
Multimedia & Animation
Network Management
Software Engineering
Web Development
Information Management
Information Security
IT Infrastructure Management
Network & Security Administration

Career Path

Stats tell us where we stand today. It also helps us comprehend how much is the university working towards its mission and all that is required to attain its vision.

Cyber Security Consultant

You can play both the attacker and the defender in computer systems, networks, and software programs. Seeing what weaknesses there are and figuring out how to strengthen systems to prevent hackers from exploiting vulnerabilities.

Information Assurance Security Specialist

You can co-ordinates, develop, and evaluate security programs for an organization. Recommend information assurance/security solutions to support customer requirements in a fast paced, evolving environments.

Network Security Specialist.

Ideally responsible for the procurement, set up and maintenance of hardware and software systems designed to ensure network security. Employment for network security specialists to 2019 has shown strong growth.

United States Higher Education Department

I studied in Florida Beach University, this helped me gain an internationally recognized and compatible degree. This degree not just helped me gain prosperity in my career field but also made me a part of global network comprising of top-notch industry specialist, professors and intellectual mindset of students.

Marian J. Staten