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Florida Beach University offer webinars for international students so that they can stay connected with what’s happening at the campus, no matter how much different the time zones is. We believe in staying together at one page and for that we try to make situations as streamlined as possible.

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Here at Florida Beach University, we aim to equip students with knowledge, skills, and confidence which will help them add to solving the problems the global community faces. We go beyond classrooms to instill practical knowledge in our students.


Florida Beach University has various scholarship offerings for its international students. We have students enrolling throughout the year from different parts of the world and we make sure we make education within their reach and affordable.

Global Events At
Florida Beach

At Florida Beach University we have different types of events catering to the needs of our international students. We offer them a virtual tour other than this we have E-job fairs as we are partnered with different top-notch organizations across the globe.

Welcoming Students
From Around The World


Florida Beach University is a diversified online education portal that is recognized and accredited from different regional and international bodies. We are open for all types of students regardless their caste, creed and origin. We consider our primary responsibility to provide education, quality education to each of our enrolled candidate.

We ensure our educational guides are not just a cv booster for our students but also helps them understand the world outside. Florida Beach University will surely be an optimal transition from your high school to university in terms of career growth.

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Globally Recognized Institution

Our mission has been to build a global educational platform where students and instructors internationally could converge an open exchange of knowledge.

How many schools does Florida Beach University offers?

We offers a diversified range of 15 accredited and updated schools.

As an International Student am I fit to apply for any school I wish too?

Yes. For us, all our students are equal and are provided with equal opportunities in every facility.

What are the criteria for faculty selection at Florida Beach University?

We make sure that the designated Schools faculty is relevant to the field and has a dense market exposure.

How do I decide if the degree is right for me?

We have 24/7 student advisory and counseling center who will assist you in making the right career choice. Also our faculty members can guide you in that case.

Can I pick courses up from my chosen school as per the feasibility of my time zone?

Yes, our online degree programs is free of all time zone lapses you can pick your lecture as per your time zone feasibility.

Is Florida Beach University affordable for me?

Yes, we are affordable to all. We have various scholarship program offerings that make education feasible for you and easy to attain as well.

As an International student do we have to pay any extra funds?

No. For us, all our students are equal and are provided with equal opportunities in every facility.

As an International Student do I have access to all the programs?

Yes. For us, all our students are equal and are provided with equal opportunities in every facility.

If my communication skills in English aren’t sound enough, how will I cope up?

We offer special English learning programs for such students so they can cope up.

Is your student aid program only restricted to students performing well in academics?

No, we have various other scholarships as well that include athletic, research, women empowerment, and a lot more. You can visit our scholarship page or call our student career guidance for further assistance.

Which program offerings are available for me as an International Student?

You are elligible for all our programs, degrees, diplomas and certifications there is no discrimination.

How long does it take to complete a degree for an International Student?

It depends upon your pace. Florida Beach University has self-paced programs and you can alter the duration of your degree as per your feasibility.

Is Florida Beach University an Accredited University?

Yes, we are an accrediated institutions through different national and international accrediating bodies.

Which degree options are available for me at Florida Beach University?

You can choose any of the program you wish to as per your intrest we don’t restrict our students in any domain.

Can International Students get job via the platform of career placement services?

We have affiliations with world class top-notch organizations that are in touch with us round the clock and our students have successfully attained lead positions through our career placement service.

What are the Florida Beach University entry requirements for International Students?

A high school certification or a degree from an accrediated college is the only requirement. Other than this we wish to seek a candidate with an eagerness to pursue a higher education degree and excel in a career.

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There are a range of ways you can study at Florida Beach University as an international student - from degrees to diplomas, certifications, and English language courses we have everything to offer to you.

Fees And

Invest in your future with a Florida Beach University degree. You may be eligible for student loans and funding such as our international scholarships, in different domains. You can always avail them and make your academic path smooth and easier.

Support for
International Students

From visas to social events, our advisory is always ready to extend their support in needs of time. You will become a part of a global fraternity which will help you elevate your educational horizon.



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