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Florida Beach University goes beyond the classroom, to a place where experience is the teacher. Beyond problems to solutions that address social, technical, and economic needs. Beyond the laboratory, to the research that propels industries, organizations, and society. Our incredible people and partners take us beyond the lives we're living today, to find solutions to the global challenges that lie ahead. Creating change that goes beyond the status quo and is felt around the world.

FBU Goes Beyond—To Challenge, Connect, And Propel Our World.

FBU Dean’s
Words of Gratitude

It has been a pleasure to watch our work as teacher-educators, researchers, and community partners develop. While the most rewarding indicators of these efforts are the quality of our graduates, the scholarship we publish, and the support we provide our partners in the field, perhaps the most high-profile indicator is the popularity and trust we are receiving of our students as an Online institution. Online education helps student gel in their studies well with their busy schedule. Our programs are self-paced and thus so, you can alter the duration of your degree as per your feasibility. Here I would take up the opportunity to reflect some of our proudest accomplishments—projects I consider most important for our development: our dedication to producing research that improves the practice of education, and our commitment to attracting and retaining the best faculty to guide our students.

James E. Thomas
Dean - Florida Beach University

Redefining Higher Education Around The Globe

Stats tell us where we stand today. It also helps us comprehend how much is the university working towards its mission and all that is required to attain its vision.

Companies hiring worldwide
Successful Alumina Worldwide
Over 91% Placement
Nationalities Students Enrolled

What Our Students Say

We are one of the leading and diversified universities in USA with enrollment of students throughout the year and from all across the globe. We have a strong network of global chain which includes students and faculty members of all creeds and castes worldwide.

Jeromy K. Brown

Bachelors In Business And

It’s a multicultural university offering diverse, and wide range of courses that suits everyone.

The course was really interesting with the option to choose between exciting marketing modules and marketing was something I’ve always wanted to do and learn. The diversity of modules really broadened my thinking. The actual projects and assignments we did during the course taught me a lot about marketing – not just in theory, but also in practice.



Teaching under lockdown has gelled into our routine! During this lock-down, we have observed the reincarnation of virtual education!

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News & Updates at Florida Beach University


Instead of playing catch-up with the next new virus, precision medicine aims to let us find it early and deal with it swiftly.

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News & Updates at Florida Beach University

Employers prefer MBA Graduates Because of their ability to think Out-of-the-box

Attaining a degree without a proper vision of what has to be done with it in the future is vague. Before you opt for a degree you should have proper knowledge of its career prospects. You should be confident about your career choice and your degree should help you in attaining and achieving your career goals. Your education path should be a means of accelerating your bright career which awaits ahead of you.

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News & Updates at Florida Beach University


The pandemic wave made everyone adhere to the new normal of social distancing and shift to the online world. It was a new and quite fascinating experience.

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